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Bonjour, Bébé! A Chic Parisian Affair - Hosting a Paris-Themed Baby Shower

 Bonjour, Bébé! A Chic Parisian Affair - Hosting a Paris-Themed Baby Shower

Bring the romance and sophistication of Paris to your baby shower with a charming Parisian-themed celebration. From the Eiffel Tower to delectable pastries, here's a guide to help you create a baby shower that exudes the elegance and enchantment of the City of Love.

Baby Shower Invitations:

Design invitations featuring iconic Parisian landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, or charming streets of Paris. Use a soft color palette, such as blush pink and gold, for an added touch of elegance.

Baby Shower Decorations:

1. Eiffel Tower Centerpieces: Incorporate miniature Eiffel Towers as centerpieces on tables, surrounded by arrangements of blush pink roses or white lilies.

2. Parisian Café Setting: Set up tables with checkered tablecloths, candles, and small vases of fresh flowers to mimic the ambiance of a cozy Parisian café.

3. Balloons and Banners: Hang banners that say Bonjour, Bébé or Little Parisian on the Way. Add Eiffel Tower and baby-themed balloons for a whimsical touch.

4. Chic Table Settings: Use elegant white or blush pink plates and napkins, and tie them with satin ribbons. Place Eiffel Tower-shaped place card holders for a personalized touch.


Encourage guests to dress in Parisian-inspired attire. The mom-to-be can don a stylish maternity dress or outfit with a hint of French flair, such as a chic beret or a string of pearls.

Food and Drinks:

1. French Pastries: Treat guests to an array of delightful French pastries like croissants, macarons, and éclairs. Create a dessert table with a variety of sweet treats.

2. Crepes Station: Set up a crepe station with savory and sweet fillings, allowing guests to enjoy a taste of Parisian street food.

3. Champagne Bar: Offer a champagne bar with sparkling juices and elegant flutes. Consider serving a non-alcoholic mocktail for the mom-to-be.

4. French Cheese Platter: Arrange a selection of fine French cheeses, baguettes, and grapes for a sophisticated touch.

Baby Shower Cake:

Opt for a cake adorned with Parisian-themed decorations, such as an edible Eiffel Tower or a cake shaped like a vintage suitcase. Add touches of blush pink and gold for a touch of elegance.

Baby Shower Activities:

1. Parisian Pictionary: Play a game of Parisian-themed Pictionary where guests draw and guess famous Parisian landmarks or baby-related items.

2. Fashion Show: Host a mini fashion show with French-inspired accessories like berets, scarves, and sunglasses. Encourage guests to strike a pose and capture the moment.

3. Love Locks Activity: Provide heart-shaped padlocks and a decorative display. Guests can write well wishes for the baby on the locks and attach them to a symbolic Love Lock Bridge.

Baby Shower Favors:

1. Macaron Gift Boxes: Send guests home with gift boxes filled with delicate macarons, tied with a ribbon and a thank-you tag.

2. Eiffel Tower Keychains: Distribute Eiffel Tower keychains as a practical and charming reminder of the Parisian-themed celebration.

3. French Lavender Sachets: Gift guests small sachets filled with French lavender for a fragrant and elegant favor.

Thank You Cards:

Express gratitude with thank you cards featuring a Parisian design. Include a sweet note like, Merci Beaucoup for celebrating our little bébé with us!

A Paris-themed baby shower is a delightful way to celebrate the joyous arrival of the little one in a setting that radiates romance and sophistication. C'est magnifique!