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Under The Sea Party Theme Ideas

 Under The Sea Party Theme Ideas

Dive into the depths of ocean-inspired enchantment with an Under the Sea birthday party theme. This magical underwater setting is perfect for a celebration filled with aquatic wonders. Here's a guide to help you create a whimsical Under the Sea birthday party:


Design invitations featuring underwater scenes, complete with colorful fish, dolphins, and mermaids. Use shades of blue and turquoise to capture the essence of the ocean. Add a touch of sparkle with iridescent details.

Party Decorations:

1. Seaweed Backdrop: Create a backdrop with cascading seaweed made from green streamers or paper.

2. Fish Netting: Hang fishnet along the walls for a nautical touch.

3. Balloon Bubble Clusters: Use blue and clear balloons to create bubble clusters resembling underwater bubbles.

4. Mermaid and Sea Creature Cutouts: Scatter cutouts of mermaids, fish, and other sea creatures throughout the venue.

5. Glow-in-the-Dark Stars: Place glow-in-the-dark stars on walls or ceilings to mimic the shimmering light underwater.


Encourage guests to wear mermaid or sea creature costumes. Provide mermaid tails or fish hats as party favors for the little ones.

Food and Drinks:

1. Fish-shaped Cookies: Serve cookies shaped like fish or seashells.

2. Seashell Cupcakes: Decorate cupcakes with edible seashells made from fondant or chocolate.

3. Blue Jello Ocean Cups: Create ocean cups using blue Jello, gummy fish, and whipped cream.

4. Seaweed Wraps: Make wraps using green tortillas to resemble seaweed rolls.

5. Octopus Hot Dogs: Transform hot dogs into cute octopuses by cutting the ends into legs.


Opt for an elaborate under the sea-themed cake featuring seahorses, shells, and vibrant coral. Consider incorporating edible pearls or a fondant mermaid as a cake topper.

Party Activities:

1. Mermaid Tail Craft Station: Provide materials for kids to create their own mermaid tails using fabric, sequins, and glue.

2. Fishing for Prizes: Set up a fishing game where kids use toy fishing rods to catch prizes or small toys.

3. Underwater Treasure Hunt: Organize a treasure hunt with hidden treasures or goody bags around the party area.

Party Favors:

1. Seashell Necklaces: Gift guests seashell necklaces or bracelets as a charming keepsake.

2. Ocean-in-a-Bottle: Create ocean-in-a-bottle sensory toys using blue water, glitter, and small sea creature toys.

3. Fish Bags: Provide bags with fish-themed toys, stickers, and treats.

Thank You Cards:

Express gratitude with thank you cards featuring underwater scenes. Include a message like, Thanks for making a splash at our Under the Sea celebration!

An Under the Sea birthday party theme is a magical way to transport guests to an enchanting underwater world. From whimsical decorations to sea-inspired treats, this theme is sure to make a splash and leave everyone with fond memories of a day filled with ocean wonders.